Licenced Massage Therapist

NY Lic #004374-1 • FL Lic #MA 67330

Nationally Certified Health Education Specialist

Graduate degrees in Health

and Human Sexuality Education


(516) 987-9002



Elena Jacinto - Credentials

Education and Experience DOES make a difference!
Since 1986, Elena has been helping people maximize their overall health. It is her strong belief that, with knowledge, skills and guidance from a caring health and wellness team, the health of an individual is something that can be mastered, maintained, and most of all, enjoyed!
Elena studied and mastered a wide variety of health and wellness modalities, and holds two graduate degrees in Health Education and Human Sexuality Education. Her experience, education and compassion are what distinguish her from other therapists. She has gained an excellent reputation among physicians and health professionals in both New York and Florida.  Her specialty is implementing a plan of treatment that will benefit clients quickly, even if that plan involves providing referrals for physicians should you need further treatment.
Over the years, Elena has a well-established pattern of helping her clients achieve noticable and indisputable improvements in their overall health.  She works with all ages of individuals and couples to enhance their personal level of health and fitness through:
massage • exercise • stretching
meditation hypnosis neuroliguistic programming
relaxation techniques intimacy coaching
transformative education spiritual awareness • laughter
Because our daily lives are typically filled with things to do, people to see and jobs that need attending to, Elena Jacinto, LMT, CHES, aims to give you that much-needed opportunity to take a break from the challenges of daily life.  Her massage services can provide you with relaxation, strength and rejuvenation to return to those challenges with peace, comfort and confidence. Elena will offer a customized session specifically designed for your situation. She knows that the better we feel, the more confident and happy we will be!