Licenced Massage Therapist

NY Lic #004374-1 • FL Lic #MA 67330

Nationally Certified Health Education Specialist

Graduate degrees in Health

and Human Sexuality Education


(516) 987-9002



Elena Jacinto LMT, CHES Services and Rates at Elite Physiques





All massages include Hot Stones and Aromatherapy Essential Oils for enhanced musculoskeletal relaxation. Ice may also be beneficial for your session.

* Covid-19 2020 Rates*


 30 Minute Custom Relaxation and Rehabilitative Massage $65


   60 Minute Custom Relaxation and Rehabilitative Massage $135


   90 Minute Custom Relaxation and Rehabilitative Massage $190



30 Minute Graston $85



60 Minute Graston $155



60 Minute Cupping $150



     90 Minute Cupping $225     


Kansa Wand Face, Head and Feet Massage $125


 30 Minute Dry Brushing With Lymphatic Stimulation $55




Bella Lucce Body Scrub Treatment
60 Minute Session $140


*A variety of scents are available to please your senses, as well as your mood! 
*Bella Lucce lotions, scrubs and creams for sale at Elite Physiques. Stop by to purchase for home use or call to schedule as session with Elena Jacinto LMT #67330



Nova Pro (Light and Sound Machine)

$25 a Session


Light And Sound Machine. This Is An Audio-Visual Brainwave Entrainment Machine, Which Is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!!
The Nova Pro can help guide the brain into different brain states. The brainwaves that are stimulated and affected are the alpha, beta, theta and delta waves. By using light and sounds, the Nova Pro stimulates patterns in the brain that are related to relaxation, stress reduction, learning, peak performance, creativity, visualization and sleep. The Nova Pro is an exceptional tool for health and wellness!
Nova Pro "add on" or private session. Please request at time of booking.
Phillips Infracare (Infrared Light) 
Package of 5 Sessions $100
Infrared light has been used to improve heart function, lower chronic pain, including pain from arthritis, lower side effects of diabetes and improve quality of life and overall well-being by stimulating the relaxation response. One of the biggest benefits of infrared is that they are comfortable and simple to use, even for people that struggle with pain or who have sensitive skin and stomachs whenit comes to heat.


For best results, minimum of 5 sessions per area.


(15 minute maximun per treated area)

*Multiple Teatments can take place in one day for different areas of concern.