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Covid-19 Information



In preparation for the upcoming re-opening on June 15 2020, new policy and procedures have been created to maintain a safe and healthy environment for clients, therapists and our community.


Jared Dela Cruz will be available Weekdays from 4pm-8pm and Saturdays and Sundays 10:30-8pm.


Either Jared Dela Cruz or Elena Jacinto will be able to honor all existing prepaid sessions.


As always, we will maintain our professional standards!


Due to COVID-19 being a novel and contagious virus, especially in enclosed spaces for a prolonged period of time; it is strongly recommended that ALL massage therapy offices practice as many of the CDC and FSMTB (Florida Massage Therapy Boards), safety and disinfecting guidelines as possible! Please keep this in mind whichever massage therapy establishment you decide to visit. Ask what protocols they are following, for the health and safety for you, the therapists and our community.


Safety will take a high priority, while continuing to provide muscular-skeletal relief and much needed relaxation during this time. With some new added steps, we can reduce the risks greatly!


Massage therapists are in a unique position. We know it is NOT possible to practice physical distancing during a massage, making it a bit more challenging to keep everyone safe. However, it is extemely possible to achieve protection by following CDC and DOH guidelines.


Other things we know specific to massage are...

1. Direct skin to skin contact carries risk, yet wearing gloves during massage is also risky, because they often break or tear during deeper massage techniques. Each therapist will decide what is most appropriate for the treatment they are providing.


2. An enclosed space with limited ventilation, for a prolonged period of time (60-90 min.),with exposure to respiratory droplets pose a risk. This often occurs by way of relaxing the thoracic muscles(muscles around the rib cage and mid back) which can cause the lungs to further expand and relax, oftentimes resulting in a cough, which is a risk.


3. Lymphatic stimulation from massage causes sinuses to drain in the form of nasal congestion or nasal droplets, which is another risk.


4. Respiratory droplets passed during, conversation or laughter, more risk.


Each client and therapist is required to wear a mask for the duration of the appointment. Conversations will be limited.


Wearing a mask while lying prone in the face cradle, may be challenging for some, if so, further safety protocols will be made available.


A brief “Wellness Check” done over the phone or by text, prior to final booking of appointment is required! Therapist reserve the right to accept or decline appointment requests.


When you feel sick, we will reschedule for a time when you are well.


Body temperature will be taken upon arrival and those presenting with a fever will be rescheduled for another time.


My greatest concern lies with the asymptomatic component of transmission. This means an individual can appear healthy, without any symptoms of illness, yet be Covid-19 positive and possibly spread the virus unknowingly.


The only sure way to determine if someone is Covid-19 positive, is through a viral test for Covid-19. Currently, a naso-pharyngeal swab is the most reliable test available.


In order to know if the virus was contracted from the time of the previous test, testing would need to be performed regularly.

Therapists have been tested and will seek to have regular testing performed based on health insurance authorization.


Therefore, it is imperative that we all continue to practice safety measures whenever and wherever possible.


During this time of Covid-19, when you arrive for your appointment, it is necessary to do a risk assessment before each session. This protects you, our therapists, all other clients coming in for massage treatments and anyone within the Elite Physiques Establishment.

We thank you for your loyalty, your kindness and understanding over the past few months!!!

We also thank you for helping us keep you safe during these unprecedented times.

We are in this together and are happy and fully prepared to offer safety, relief and relaxation, if you so desire, during this time.



In Health Always,

Elena J Jacinto LMT

NY #004374-1

FL #MA-67330

Jared Dela Cruz

FL # MA-93533





12 Steps To Safety For Covid-19



1. For now, we are limiting the amount of clients we see per day. Each client will wait in their car until therapist calls or texts them to come in, entering directly into the massage room and NOT through the fitness door!!!


2. Keep 45 minutes between each appointment to properly disinfect treatment room, restroom and high touch areas. Exterior doors will be opened between appointments to allow proper circulation of fresh air.


3. Between all clients, clean with EPA approved disinfecting agents from the EPA List N, (specific for Covid-19) to disinfect all surfaces touched by the patient.


*This includes: the massage table, face cradle, linens, bolsters, sink, counter tops, chairs, light switches, door handles, anti-fatigue, entire restroom facilities. Floors are sprayed with disinfectant and allowed proper contact time to dry.


4. Additional protective barriers will now be used under all linens to ensure proper sanitation.


5. As always, linens are freshly laundered and sanitized for each session. All furniture and equipment will be disinfected with EPA approved cleansers for Covid-19.


6. Extra pillows, and unnecessary linens will not be used during the COVID-19 pandemic for added safety.


7. Highly touched paper items such as pamphlets, magazines, books, decorative pillows will be removed from office.


8. Heavy weight linens, comforters will no longer be used.


9. Throughout the day, high-touch areas will be continually wiped with disinfectant/bleach/hydrogen peroxide spray.



10. New hygiene station with masks, tissues, hand sanitizing products will be provided for each client.


11. Personal masks and gloves cannot be worn in treatment room.


12. All clients MUST perform posted hand washing protocol prior to getting on the massage table!!!



Keeping and resetting the massage industry standards during Covid-19 has required more time for each appointment and added several new safety protocols. We will work with Florida Department Of Health to keep track of all Covid-19 incidences.


All of this has forced additional costs, along with loss of high season revenue. Discounted packages pricing will be discontinued. If anyone has remaining sessions from a previously purchased package; they will be honored with no additional fee. I do hope that you understand my position.


Our single session prices are posted on our booking site. Cash, check, credit cards(3.5% will be added for each transaction), Venmo or Zelle are all accepted forms of payment.


Re-opening safely, conscientiously and confidently has been our goal.


With guidance from the CDC, Department/s of Health and The Federation of Massage Therapy Boards, and other therapists, we are happy to implement new safety protocols during this time of Covid-19


The anxiety, sorrow and frustration during these past several of months has been incredible people around the globe! We know that each of us are doing all we can to move forward with hope and compassion.


It will be a welcome change to get back to seeing all of you and being able to provide you with some much needed relaxation and relief!


Our online booking site will be ready to receive requests on June 15, 2020





Elena J Jacinto LMT

#MA-67330 Florida

#004374-1 New York